Your soul purpose is the reason you are here on this earth. And making sure that you are in alignment with your soul purpose is the role of many of your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels. We’re all seeking out the answer to what is the purpose of life, and our own lives specifically.

I believe the soul is of this world, our emotions, our desires, it connects us to this world. I believe the spirit is eternal and connects us to the divine. While we live the spirit is trapped under the soul, it wants to break out, but sadly not many experience spirituality. The cares of this world are of a greater concern, the soul smothers the spirit, and we live as if we have no spirit. Upon death the soul as well as the flesh are both shed and remain on this plane of existence. The spirit is eternal but we can allow it to break through the soul and experience spirituality.

No matter what your belief is, I am not here to judge – only here to accept all of us as equals.

Living your life from your heart rather than your head allows your  mind and body to create your reality.  At Soho-Wellness Med Spa we offer

  • Energy Work
  • Higher self
  • Spiritual awareness
  • Breathwork
  • Intuitive Massage
  • Attonement
  • Past Life Regression