Soho-Wellness Workshops

At Soho-Wellness many workshops, classes and events are held in their Workshop Space.  The Schedule changes regularly.

Starting August 2018, I personally shall be offering  a Guided Meditation on a Tuesday evening from 6pm to 7pm.

This meditation is slightly different as it takes you into a meditation through hypnosis.   This allows you to fully access your imagination and visualize so much more.

Every week there shall be a theme attached to the guided meditation which shall discussed within the group at the start of the workshop.

Bookings can be made on line directly at or by phoning the main number on 813-512-6920


Transitional Journeys

I offer a Saturday Workshop  from 9am to 2pm.  This is held during the months of August, October, January, April and June.

As we all go through stages in our lives, this workshop is ideal for anyone who is feeling stuck,  held back, lack of purpose or generally lost.   I go through the stages in our lives as far as the Child Years, Adult Years and Prime Years and AGE has nothing to do with it.  It is in the mindset, our thoughts, the beliefs we hold about ourselves.

Please contact Soho-Wellness on 813-512-6920 to find out when I am holding my next workshop.