VISION to VICTORY Motivational Class

For those of you struggling with where you feel you want to be or deciding on a goal or  vision for yourself, then this  may be the class for you.  This 4 hour class covers the negative thoughts that hold you back from reaching your vision.   The class covers the following – identifying your vision; the purpose of having this vision; how you are going to achieve your vision; the negative beliefs that are preventing you from achieving your vision and the steps to overcome and achieve your vision.  This is then followed by a positive mindset programming with visualization in you living the life having achieved your vision.

This approach has been used when working a lot with one to one client business mentoring who have reported back a 30% increase in revenue; more focus within their business leasing to vision becoming a reality; improved leadership skills and much more.

From the client who built up and sold their marketing business and moved into the Production world;  the client who restructured their business model; to the Entrepreneur who stopped doing and started leading;  to the client exit strategies we worked on ensuring ongoing investment income; to the business that moved from over trading to being profitable within 6 months, this Vision to Victory Model works if you allow it to and are committed to making the change.

This is a Fun, Open and Motivational Class held at Soho-Wellness Med Spa facilitated by Debbie Dubickas, Life Coach/Hypnotherapist.  Cost is $149.  Bookings can be made online through