Time Away with Debbie Dubickas

Path to freedom

With Debbie Dubickas, CHt

Q. Why would this be for me?

The commonality I see in the majority of clients I work with is “inner conflict”.  My clients know their goals and what they want to achieve yet struggle to get there.  Something is keeping them stuck, trapped, feelings of being not good enough which in turn triggers their own fears and insecurities which prevents them from reaching their goals.  Instead of having 5 intense 2 hours weekly sessions, they choose to get away from their surroundings and focus fully on themselves over a 2 day period by working one to one with me.  Allowing self discovery techniques to be carried out as well as processing time for themselves.
The weekend of discovery and rebirth will encourage you to be the version of yourself you were born to be.  Not only chasing the feeling that you are craving to feel but capturing the feelings of love, joy, bliss and fulfillment within yourself by accepting change, letting go of old ways, finding reciprocity, and breaking rules, to name a few.  It’s time to Be free in your spirit always…do not waste your time attaching yourself to hurt and pain.


Q. What does this involve?

  • Initial 60 minute interview via skype, facetime or in person
  • Evaluation and recommendation given by Debbie Dubickas
  • E-mail confirmation sent with link to venue and accommodation 
  • After Payment Received, Agenda shall be emailed to you
  • Tools and Techniques include the following :
  • Transforming negative mindset
  • Hypnotic programming
  • Clearing Inner Conflict
  • Breath work
  • Regression
  • NLP through visualization 
  • Identifying Illusion to Truth

Q. Who can benefit from this?

Any one who is living their life from a place of conflict and through the transformation process wants to come from a place of peace – Experience this journey  from 2 hours a week to 3 – 4 days intense work.   Accommodation is offered in the nearby hotels close to the Center.

Q. How will you know what works for me?

Assessment is done prior to starting the program.

The purpose of the initial assessment is to establish your goal and individually match the various techniques we offer to taylor the program for you.  Visualization of how your life will be after the transformation process is discussed.

1. Perception
2. Knowledge equals self discovery
3. Willingness to Change –  new realization
4. Transformation
5. Understanding
6. Forgiveness
7. Love compassion
8. Acceptance
9. Let Go reach your goals
10. Freedom
please to schedule your assessment and begin your Journey to Freedom.

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