Private Sessions and Self Improvement Training

hypnotherapyDebbie offers a complimentary thirty-minute consultation for prospective clients.   This consultation is available in-office, by phone, or Skype. Debbie will then suggest an appropriate, individualized program. Some issues can be transformed within a single two-hour session, however many clients have between three and five sessions, because hypnotherapy is a progressive technique.

In Office
Debbie offers in-person sessions in her Tampa office, located at 3140 W Kennedy Blvd, Suite 122, Tampa, Florida 33609. Sessions vary in length between one to two hours, depending on what technique is being facilitated. Evening and weekend appointments are available.

Self Improvement with Hypnosis Training Sessions are offered on a one to one basis or in small groups of 4  for clients who are looking for an introduction to self hypnosis as part of their self development.  Debbie works with you on understanding hypnosis, teaching you self hypnosis techniques and resolving inner conflict. This program usually take 60 hours and is offered during evenings and weekends.  Please phone and ask for schedule dates.

Home Visitation
Home visits are offered for those clients who are unable to make it to the office due to mobility issues. Many home visits are for longer periods of time, enabling clients to work through several techniques in one day. Additional fees covering cost of travel may apply.

Skype/Google Hangout Session
Skype and Google Hangouts allow users to make voice and video calls all over the Internet. Debbie has clients throughout Europe as well as the US. Online hypnosis can take place regardless of location saving travel time and allowing you to remain within the comfort of your own home or office. Skype is encrypted as it is transmitted so your communication remains private and confidential.

Payment by check, credit, or debit card is accepted. A  discount is given to clients who pay in advance for the recommended hypnotherapy program sessions.

A complimentary hypnotic programming download or CD is offered with all programming sessions.

To schedule an office, telephone or Skype appointment:
Call 813-992-3330 or fill out the form below.