Daniela Soledade, 28

I have been seeing Debbie Dubickas for a few months now, and I could never have imagined the impact that Hypnotherapy would have in my life!

When I first went to her office, I had one goal only: I wanted to get more self-confident to start working in the field that I love (music). Well, it turned out that I not only have reached my goal to work with what I love, but I have gained so much more than I could have ever imagined!! All of my relationships have deeply changed for the better, including my relationship with my husband, with my mother, and with my sister, and with my father who lives abroad! I could honestly write a book about my personal improvement with hypnotherapy and how each session impacted me. I have learned so much about myself and it has really made a change in my life that I never thought possible! I have been able to better prioritize my daily activities to achieve my goal of working in the industry I love, and I finally stopped “sabotaging” myself to achieve this dream! I couldn’t have done this without my hypnotherapy, seriously. I was also able to forgive my father for being absent in my life, I have been able to understand my parent’s divorce from an entirely different angle and overcome that pain, I have been able to forgive myself for many things, and not feel guilty for others, and I have been able to better understand my mother and my sister, which clearly improved our relationships. And remember that I did not even start therapy with that in mind!!! I started for one simple reason (to pursuit my passion) I got so much more!

I got started on a journey that forever changed my life for the better! I am a more self-confident person and I can handle my relationships so much better! I don’t feel as upset with the people around me. I can prioritize my life much better and that has allowed me to reach my goals!

Debbie is such an amazing therapist, she really knows what she is doing! She is also not money driven– she will tell you when she feels you are ready to decrease your visits, and she never suggests I go there too often because she says I need to “process” each session. I can tell she is very genuine. When she told me I was ready to start attending sessions less often (I was attending every other week at first), I was so worried! I was like, what am I gonna do without my therapy for so long? But now I am attending only once a month (per her suggestion) and I am feeling good about it! If I feel like I have something I need to talk to her about before the next scheduled session, I can call her anytime to see her earlier. She is absolutely wonderful, very trustworthy, not money driven, she is the real deal in hypnotherapy, and I wouldn’t chose any other “type” of therapy! My sister was the one who told me about Debbie; she also sees her and she also has experienced some major changes in her life due to her sessions with Debbie!!!

If you are looking for a therapist that can truly change your life, go see Debbie Dubickas and I guarantee you won’t regret it!