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From Jason, Tampa August 2nd 2018

Working with Debbie has literally been life changing for me. I can’t recommend her enough to anyone dealing with negative habitual behavior or emotional baggage. She can help you absolutely change your life if you’re willing to put in a little effort and be honest with yourself and with her. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first saw her, but I was in a really bad place and had nothing to lose. She had an immediate impact. I’ve been a client of hers for a while and recently had a kind of breakthrough that has allowed me to feel “free” for the first time…ever. I can’t say enough good things about her and I really don’t know where I’d be if my doctor hadn’t referred me to her. Thank you Debbie for everything!

March 18th 2016 Tampa

Testimonial of the Day from a client who had just one hypnotic programming session for confidence building – “A deep spiritual awakening allowing me to access the gateway to my true self. Thank You so Much. ” – Its so rewarding seeing so many people reach their goals.

Karena – 02/17/16

Breath work with Debbie Dubickas has been life changing for me. Like most people, I had childhood wounds that left me aching, even in adulthood. Over the years, I tried all sorts of traditional therapy to clear these negative thoughts and patterns, but nothing really burned them through. They were still there, casting a shadow over my spirit. Then I met Debbie and she turned it all around for me. She’s wise and comforting and she’ll guide you through your darkest memories until you emerge into the light on the other side. If you want to be happier and lighter, see Debbie. If you want to transform your life, do breath work with Debbie. If you’re willing to do the work, she will guide you to a lightness of being that’s always been yours for the taking.

David Starner 01/17/16

I started Debbie’s hypnotherapy with a desire to understand my childhood fears of loneliness and rejection. After four sessions, we managed to uncover the core source of these childhood feelings and to also address these feelings.I am very pleased with the results of these sessions with Debbie and I would recommend her to anyone seeking hypnotherapy help.

BeeBee 7/15

Debbie is warm hearted and so wonderful at what she does. With hypnosis, she’s helped me open to a feeling of love that I’ve been wanting to feel for years but was just somehow unable to because of hidden beliefs. I don’t know how else to describe it other than to say she can help you unfurl and experience the joy and wellbeing you’ve been wanting. Hypnosis is a powerful tool and Debbie uses its deftly and with a lot of love and compassion! I’ve seen true changes working with her.

Hypnotherapy is a specialist skill and results may very from person to person

Hypnotherapy is a specialist skill and results may very from person to person

Alex, 04/10/15

At first I was skeptical and did not fully go along with the process. When I opened up to it and did regression and breathwork, the changes happened. I was living in conflict and now I was changing. I discovered more things about myself and now feel more at peace with understanding, acceptance. letting go and believing in myself, okay being true to myself. Be patient and let it work and don’t be scared of change. This is not a pill or magic with instant results, yet it is magical. When things changed, I asked myself questions and found answers, the changes continued. Thank You for this experience and I am no more a Skeptic ! Thanks Mom for finding Debbie.

Hypnotherapy is a specialist skill and results may very from person to person

Hypnotherapy is a specialist skill and results may very from person to person

Michelle 04/09/15

Dear Debbie,

I can’t begin to express how invaluable your mentoring has been to my personal development as a hypnotherapist. Our sessions have helped translate the theoretical knowledge I have gained into a relatable real world approach.

You have a unique gift of taking concepts that seem so abstract and explaining them in very practical ways, using real world examples and demonstrating how each would apply in a clinical environment. That combined with your funny, sweet and personable nature makes every mentoring session as fun as it is informative.

On top of all that, your decades of business experience and knowledge lend an insight into the workings of a small practice, beyond hypnotherapy. Your additional training in complementary modalities such as Access Bars concept and the Virtual Gastric Band makes your mentoring unparalleled. I’m truly grateful for everything you’ve done.

Best regards,

Hypnotherapy is a specialist skill and results may very from person to person

Hypnotherapy is a specialist skill and results may very from person to person

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24 Aug 2018

Hypno Meditation

Join Debbie for her Hypno Meditation Class -  Tuesdays 6pm to 7pm - $20 per person - max 20 persons Hypno meditation is a beautiful and powerful combination of hypnosis and meditation. Meditation is the simplest way to achieve inner stillness and deep focused awareness and relaxation. Under guidance of Debbie Dubickas,  hypnotherapist, hypnosis shows you your natural ability to go into a state of trance.  This class is perfect for those of you who find it difficult to STOP your thoughts or meditation beginners who struggle with over-active minds. Meditation…

22 Jun 2018

The Well of Passion is Never Ending

  The Well of Passion is Never Ending So many of us do not know what our passion is? We are stuck and clouded as to what we want, where we are going and who we want to spend our time with ? Once we let go of our blocks, allow our emotions to flow and I mean all our emotions to flow, we are then in a position to allow our passion to come through. From a peaceful state, our answers come to us and decisions are made. Our…

29 May 2018

Passion -v- Drive

In the work I do, I see a difference between passion and drive, yet both are great motivators. I recall working with a teacher who had such a passion for what she did.  Late night planning activities for her class, going above and beyond with volunteering work and more.  Her pay check was not that great  and she was a very intelligent and capable woman who could have easily worked her way up within the education field yet she chose to stay in the class room.   She loved her…