Deborah Berje


Deborah Berje has over twenty years’ experience helping people of all ages, backgrounds, sexual preferences, and cultures. She is dedicated to changing all unwanted behaviors. She wants her clients to think of her as a personal “Mind Coach.”She helps motivate her clients in their chosen direction. Deborah uses the latest and most innovative techniques to effect rapid change, and she believes that when we are confronted with a lifetime of trauma and crises, “We must change our mind to fully address that situation. We must begin to act and feel in new ways in order to produce a new and more powerful reality.”

Her practice covers diverse needs including: freedom from unhappiness, childhood traumas, body image, weight loss, addictive habits, anxious or stressful feelings, fears, phobias, sexuality, unhealthy relationships, issues with pain, insomnia, confidence, self esteem, grief and loss, or personal and spiritual growth.

Deborah’s appreciation for humanity informs her work in the art of healing mind, body, and spirit.

“Our problems are human, as are the solutions to them. My goal is to simply help you to reach yours! Thank you for your trust!”