Coaching Program



As a  performance coach, I work with organizations that are willing  to invest in their own people.   If you want to inspire your staff to become more engaged, encourage your leaders to become the best they can be, or simply show how valued your team is, then I may be the Coach for your business.

No matter what category you fall in, I have the Entrepreneurial experience, along with having facilitated over 10,000 one to one sessions, clearing any conflict in a client’s mind which have been holding them back from reaching their goals.  I pride myself in :-

• guiding people to define their values and design a life of meaning and success
• under-confident people to step into their power and discover fulfilling relationships
• overworked professionals to slow down, balance their lives, and gain control of their    careers
• aspiring entrepreneurs to bring their passion and vision to life

A healthy and inspired workforce is the key to business growth.  I believes in the protocol, Believe it, Feel it and Create it, starting with transforming fears and insecurities into feeling confident and secure within yourself.    Allowing people to make choices about which thought patterns truly serve them.   We’ll look at the ability to make bold choices in life, follow through and trust yourself to completely do so. We’ll work on the self-deception and fears in you about your life, and about the power you perceive to be outside yourself in other people.

As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and having an active involvement in 6 businesses,  I have  a thorough understanding of how the conscious and subconscious mind works, and the ways in which our thought patterns and beliefs can influence our lives.

  • Confidentiality and Trust in working one to one with staff and associates.
  • This is not all about the business and growth, this is about personal growth allowing people to clear conflict coming from trust issues, motivational and confidence issues, feelings of stuck and being in a rut which is holding them back from progressing in all aspect of their life.

What To Expect:-

  •  Initial meeting with  CEO, Business Owner and Leaders/Management
  • Team Meeting to Introduce Myself
  • Individual Session to work on Personal Development
  • On Call Telephone Support