Hypno Meditation

Join Debbie for her

Hypno Meditation Class –  Tuesdays 6pm to 7pm – $20 per person – max 20 persons

Hypno meditation is a beautiful and powerful combination of hypnosis and meditation. Meditation is the simplest way to achieve inner stillness and deep focused awareness and relaxation. Under guidance of Debbie Dubickas,  hypnotherapist, hypnosis shows you your natural ability to go into a state of trance.  This class is perfect for those of you who find it difficult to STOP your thoughts or meditation beginners who struggle with over-active minds.

Meditation pillows or yoga mats are provided on a first come first serve basis.   At the start of each class, there will be a brief discussion on what the week’s theme is all about then you go in to a few minutes  of breathing exercises.   During the guided meditation, all you have to do is listen to the sound of Debbie’s voice, as she gives you point of focus in the room whether it be a point on the ceiling or an object.  Once your eyes are closed Debbie shall guide you through a hypnotic experience  allowing you to leave the world behind. The effects of hypno meditation are powerful.  You experience a deeply relaxed and tranquil state so vividly in your mind, you can automatically feel less stressed, less tired, less negative.

Benefits of Hypno Meditation
• Reduction of stress, irritability and mood swings
• Improved creativity and your ability to problem solve
• Improvement of sleeping quality
• Improved memory and enhances your ability to think clearly
• Increased rejuvenation and revitalization


To book your place,  call Soho-Wellness and Med Spa on 813-512-6920 or online at www.soho-wellness.com



16 Feb 2019

Emotions Are Everything

  I work with many clients that feel they are emotionally blocked and come to see me as it is affecting their lives in many ways.  Many are very successful in their business or career, yet in their intimate relationships, they have issues, problems. No matter how hard they work and achieve, the one thing they struggle with is allowing themselves to get close to someone.  To love and be loved; To touch and fully be in the moment; To allow themselves to crave and have what they truly want,…

11 Feb 2019

Have you Suffered Enough ?

Having worked with thousands of clients, I have dealt with many issues, habits and symptoms and believe it or not, some people will keep suffering and hold onto their issue/problem/habit.  So much so, they look on me being the facilitator as the enemy, the one who is calling them out.   The question I ask myself, and my client, is "What are you getting out of having this behavior/issue/symptom ?" This is known in my world as the secondary gain or negative payoff in having their problem.  For many it…

14 Jan 2019

What is Self-Esteem ?

  Let me start off 2019 by looking back over thousands of client sessions which I have facilitated and look at what they all have in common - LOW SELF ESTEEM.  In fact, let us look at what Self Esteem really is. A definition may be "It refers to an individual's sense of his or her value or worth, or the extent to which a person values, approves of, appreciates, prizes, or likes him or herself (Blascovich & Tomaka, 1991)."  This may well be a good definition but how this…