Relationships provide Companionship but they do not fix loneliness.

Many of my clients suffer from the feelings of sadness and loneliness.  Through hypnotherapy, these feelings can be transformed.  Causes of loneliness, I believe, is a result of low self worth, rejection, emotionally abandonment issues and cut off within our childhood.  We carry these thoughts with us throughout our adult life.   We don’t feel worth being with and loneliness is created.  Loneliness is about being with yourself because that is who really heals the lonely feelings within yourselves.  It is about how you feel about being with yourself, therefore,  marriage/committed relationships are not a fix for loneliness.  Hypnotherapy tools can clear the conflict and allow yourself to be happy within yourself.  This allows you to be in the right place to enter into a marriage or a long term committed relationship.  You have to first feel comfortable and give yourself permission to be okay on your own and love yourself first.



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