If you are Looking For Love – STOP IT !


If you are looking for love, STOP IT.   So many of us attract self sabotaging relationships as we are what we attract.  If we have not found love within ourselves, then how do we expect healthy and meaningful love to come to us?   Love yourself first then allow love to come to you.  We don’t want to find people that fit our brokenness rather we want people to  fit our healthiness.    Hypnotherapy works as a tool to transform our inner conflicts and let go of the negative voice which prevents us from truly loving ourselves.

05 Dec 2017

Mind Wellness at Soho Wellness

  “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the…

05 Nov 2017

As a Hypnotherapist, I work with client’s TRIGGERS

There are buttons/triggers that we all have inside. The emotion has manifested in some way in our bodies. Ideally in my world of service, I call this a "Felt Sense", a sensation within.  We may have no idea what to do with our emotions - with our heart,  yet if we knew what to do with our emotions and how to transform those,  every day we grow to incredible heights - we attract things and people to us - our vibration rate increases - less doubt - less hurt -…

24 Oct 2017

Why Does This Always Happen To Me ?

  It always happens to me.  This is a negative thought that causes the negative emotion which causes you to feel so bad.  This is a perception that things have already happened to you.  You have been programmed to feel how you are going to feel before an event happens.  With hypnotherapy we go back to the cause of these negative beliefs and emotions and transform these.  Why am I so fat, I have no control?  Change this thought to "How Can I become more thin now and enjoy the…