If you are Looking For Love – STOP IT !


If you are looking for love, STOP IT.   So many of us attract self sabotaging relationships as we are what we attract.  If we have not found love within ourselves, then how do we expect healthy and meaningful love to come to us?   Love yourself first then allow love to come to you.  We don’t want to find people that fit our brokenness rather we want people to  fit our healthiness.    Hypnotherapy works as a tool to transform our inner conflicts and let go of the negative voice which prevents us from truly loving ourselves.


  1. Hello debbie, is it possible to get a massage first then go under your hypnotism session on a weekly basis from you? I was seeing a Massage woman and she also was a hypnotist in Orlando up until last year when the poor woman passed away. I was shocked since I was seeing her for many years weekly for a massage and hypnotism. I am really lost without her serviceas and I surely hope you can help me? Money is no object. thanks again Rick in Daytona

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