A Testimonial to start my day – nice

I  initially came to Debbie because I wanted help breaking through a mental barrier that I had with running. I needed to find a way to relax more while I was training and stop the negative feedback loop in my head during my runs. I had met Debbie three years earlier at a retail location I worked at close to her office. She occasionally stopped into the store and eventually, we started a dialogue.  She shared with me the methods she used to help her clients and I kept her information just in case I felt compelled to contact her one day. I chose to work with Debbie because I remembered how well she conveyed compassion and didn’t judge me for what I felt were weaknesses that I shared with her. I also feel like she radiated positivity and confidence in her ability to work with me.

When I met Debbie for our first session, I had no idea what to expect and I felt that my nerves and self-doubt would sabotage any attempts at improvement. She thoroughly went over any questions that I had and I quickly felt at ease.  Debbie soon discovered that I need more help on just running.  Over several sessions, we’ve uncovered barriers and mental blocks that have been holding me back from making personal and professional progress. My relationship with myself has changed dramatically. Everything about my life is improving, relationship with my partner, my friendships, my relationship with my family and I am also in line for a huge promotion. And of course, my running is improving! Part of me is tempted to ask myself, what took me so long to contact Debbie and work with her but in reality, I know that I contacted her when I was really ready to grow. She has connected me with my own inner guidance and has provided me tools to foster and develop that connection.  I feel that my life has been catapulted in a better, healthier direction because I’ve been able to work with her.

Noelle, Tampa 4/20/2017

05 Nov 2017

As a Hypnotherapist, I work with client’s TRIGGERS

There are buttons/triggers that we all have inside. The emotion has manifested in some way in our bodies. Ideally in my world of service, I call this a "Felt Sense", a sensation within.  We may have no idea what to do with our emotions - with our heart,  yet if we knew what to do with our emotions and how to transform those,  every day we grow to incredible heights - we attract things and people to us - our vibration rate increases - less doubt - less hurt -…

24 Oct 2017

Why Does This Always Happen To Me ?

  It always happens to me.  This is a negative thought that causes the negative emotion which causes you to feel so bad.  This is a perception that things have already happened to you.  You have been programmed to feel how you are going to feel before an event happens.  With hypnotherapy we go back to the cause of these negative beliefs and emotions and transform these.  Why am I so fat, I have no control?  Change this thought to "How Can I become more thin now and enjoy the…

08 Feb 2017

Clarity is Power

Clear your inner conflict Now and be the version of yourself you were born to be. Debbie Dubickas CHt Effective, Affordable Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Serving Tampa, FL Since 2012