Holotropic Breathwork and Hypnotherapy

I regularly facilitate between 10 and 15 breathwork sessions a week.  I find this to be the most rapid technique for clients to unblock the emotions that have prevented them from reaching true love and peace.  No client can do this wrong.  What is meant to happen, is meant to happen.  Quite often it brings up the emotions that need to come to the consciousness to be worked on.

Holotropic Breathwork offers many opportunities that may enhance our sessions, including entering non-ordinary states of consciousness to seek healing and wis- dom via a natural, non-addictive method, a direct experience of one’s Higher Power, and for physical and emotional catharsis associated with stress and prior trauma.

Enough life force energy through the breath, it will bring up whatever blockage is there.  It can be done in groups but to be honest, a one to one private session is best for resolution to be facilitated.  The emotions bring up the thoughts and images to be worked on.  Allowing your emotions to come to the consciousness and at the end, clients reach a state of love.


Debbie Dubickas CHt
Effective, Affordable Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
Serving Tampa, FL Since 2012

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