Seeking Answers ………


Throughout my younger years, there had many times when I phoned mediums and psychic lines for guidance and answers.  To be honest I did this often when I felt my most vulnerable and lost.   After I moved to the US and became a Hypnotherapist, I no longer had the desire to seek answers.  I knew my past experiences were the lessons needed to make me who I am and to do the work that I love.    The need to phone psychics and mediums were no longer there.

When I moved location to Soho-Wellness and had our Open Day, I met “Georgie”.  Georgie had been asked to come to our place and give 15 minute readings to anybody that wanted these.  I had never met her before as my daughter had invited her.  When she arrived I introduced myself and without me saying a word, Georgie began telling me things about where I was in my life and where I was going.  Without me saying one word, she was pretty spot on.  She told me about my business in the UK, the business opportunities within the US, family situations that nobody knew about, vacations that were booked and so much more to say the least.  No prompting and no asking questions, she just gets on in there and speaks .  I am pleased to say that Georgie is a natural and the words just come out, the tarot cards is validation of what she has told you.  Georgie is now part of the team at Soho-Wellness and available most days and over the phone.  Please call our main line on 813 284 7045 to schedule an appointment.




08 Feb 2017

Clarity is Power

Clear your inner conflict Now and be the version of yourself you were born to be. Debbie Dubickas CHt Effective, Affordable Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Serving Tampa, FL Since 2012

08 Feb 2017

Hold The Vision, Trust The Process

It is so important for all of us to hold onto our dreams and visions and allow the process to happen.  I am Feeling very proud and excited today at working with my first client for 2 days continuously at the beach.  This gives time for techniques and processing time to happen without days or sometimes weeks in between sessions.  This is a reminder to all of us to have a vision, believe in yourself and let things unfold for you.  Everything happens for a reason  ..........   Debbie Dubickas…

07 Dec 2016

Making Decisions or Not ?

As an Intuitive Life Coach,  Debbie works with clients to transform their fears into confidence and self assurance allowing clients to focus, thrive, survive and make decisions right for them.  Focus equals power.   Clients take their power back and focus on the things they truly want.   From a place of passion,  peace, strength, drive and worth everything you truly want is attainable.  Every thought has a physical reaction and with a positive mindset, thoughts lead to a healthier you, a thriving you. When we live in conflict, it…