Debbie Dubickas Hypnotherapy has moved to

103 South Blvd, Tampa, 33606

It gives me great pleasure in introducing Soho-Wellness.  An extension to the services offered by Debbie Dubickas Hypnotherapy.  My daughter Becky Dubickas, Esthetician and her team of professionals shall be offering nail and skin care along with massage.  Nutrition/healthy lifestyle coaching, Meditation, Workshops and much more are in the pipeline.

Very exciting times – stay tuned

Debbie Dubickas, CHt

26 Dec 2017

Thank You from My Heart to Yours.

I would like to personally thank all my clients for giving me the pleasure of working with you during 2017.   With having facilitated over 11,000 client sessions to date, I feel personally blessed to have worked with so many amazing people who have had the courage to change.  As the Serenity Prayers says   Some clients are not ready, some clients are scared of the unknown and there are some that have not suffered enough.  For those of you who are looking to live your life with Confidence and Worth…

05 Dec 2017

Mind Wellness at Soho Wellness

  “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the…

05 Nov 2017

As a Hypnotherapist, I work with client’s TRIGGERS

There are buttons/triggers that we all have inside. The emotion has manifested in some way in our bodies. Ideally in my world of service, I call this a "Felt Sense", a sensation within.  We may have no idea what to do with our emotions - with our heart,  yet if we knew what to do with our emotions and how to transform those,  every day we grow to incredible heights - we attract things and people to us - our vibration rate increases - less doubt - less hurt -…