The Power of Hypnosis – 06/17/15

A hypnotic trance is where you are in an altered state yet not asleep.  Specific suggestions and images given to clients in a trance can profoundly alter their behavior. As they rehearse the new ways they want to think and feel, they lay the groundwork for powerful changes in their future actions/behaviors. For example, in hypnosis, I often tell people  who want to build confidence and high self esteem, that they now feel more self assured and comfortable in themselves allowing themselves  to feel more comfortable around other people.  Through visualization I will have the client imagine this whilst in hypnosis.  Through the imagery of being a more confident  and self assured person how they see their life moving forward feeling this way  — some combination of finding themselves in work or social situations feeling more at ease.   The deep relaxation of a hypnotic trance is also broadly beneficial as many illnesses, both psychological or physical, are aggravated by anxious feelings.  The sub-conscious mind is the home of our emotions/feelings/beliefs/habits  and through the power of hypnosis, positive suggestions can, at times, be enough to make a shift for profound change.

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