Our Inner Child – 06/16/15

My inner child got all excited this weekend as we were all going to the Water Park. Early night and all packed the excitement began.   Even leaving the house, I wanted to stop off for breakfast to kick start our weekend vacation.  Yum Yum I will treat myself to something from the Cracker Barrel Store.   Yes we all have our inner child inside us.

Through numerous client sessions I have facilitated to date, having my client connect with their inner child is part of the transformational process.  Yet it is not all about feeling excited and joyful, it is connecting to the hurt child.

Our inner child has more of an influence over our lives than many people think.  We make decisions, at times,  from a very smart 8 year old’s perception;  we hurt loved ones from the hurt of the 5 year old child within.  It is the child we once were and it holds all our hurt, disappointments, traumas, fears, insecurities, anger and sadness.   Not all of us have experienced extreme difficulties yet we have all experienced some upset to a certain degree.  Whether it being bullied at school, mom bringing home a sibling, moving schools when you have just made friends, mum and dad divorcing, losing a grandparent …….  the list is endless.  There is a degree of upset.  Often these past pains are reflected in our current life circumstances.  The hurt manifests and plays out in our lives often in forms such as bouts of depressing feelings, critical thoughts, those issues with food, that fear of intimacy and closeness, those scared feelings and so on.

Our inner child wants you to go back and give it a hug, it wants you to listen, it wants your love. When upsetting or sad things happen to us as children, we do not forget about it.  It becomes suppressed within us, and at a later date may manifest as illness, bad days, self sabotaging behavior or something else.

Our inner child who stands in the way of joy and peace does not mean to do this, it just needs to heal the past wounds or address those negative beliefs that they hold about themselves which affected us as children and is still playing out in our adult lives.  Hypnotherapy is an effective way of working with the inner child and adult self through healing the past relationships.


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