Children and Hypnosis – 06/06/15

Hypnosis can be one of the quickest and most effective tools available today for working with children. Unlike adults, children’s minds are open to new experiences, suggestions and solutions with a hunger and willingness to take in new information. This is because their critical faculty is not yet fully formed, so they tend not to question hypnotic techniques with the same rational questioning adults do, that can sometimes prevent them from fully accepting helpful techniques.

You can help your child relax by having him/her sit comfortably in a chair where it is quiet and there are no distractions. Keeping the lighting low is beneficial. You can help your child relax by having him/her close his/her eyes and take slow, deep breaths.  Tell him/her to think about a particular object, or have him picture a place where he feels safe and happy.

Suggestions can be given to all children as long as they are calm, relaxed and happy to take in suggestions for an improved way of being.    This can be achieved by connecting with the child.  Really finding out about what the child’s interests are and having them drift off to a time they felt this way or want to be in a place in their mind where they can feel the way they want to feel – simple and effective !

Debbie Dubickas CHt
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