Self Sabotage Behavior – 03/20/15

Self Sabotage Behavior

Many clients come to see me suffering from self-sabotaging behavior.  From binge eating, self harming, excessive drinking, social non-interaction, overcoming addiction and many more self destructive behaviors – having suffered enough, they want to clear their conflict which is preventing them from moving on with their lives and reaching their goals.
Self-sabotage behavior is when there is no logical or rational explanation for why you cannot do the things you want to do or why you can’t have the things you want to have.  Its not a lack of desire, skills, knowledge or effort that holds you back.
Rather,  there’s  something inside you that’s stronger than your desire and it sabotages your efforts to do the things you want to do and have the things you want to have.  Self sabotage  behavior is most recognizable by the experience of an internal “tug of war” between having a desire to do something and feeling like you can’t or shouldn’t do to.  Any time you hear yourself say “I want to do this but I can’t or I shouldn’t”  – this is the inner conflict of self sabotage behavior.
Through hypnotherapy modalities such as parts therapy, regression and breathwork, clients can feel the transformation from within and subsequently negative behaviors fade away, if not disappear.

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