1. Dear Debbie Thank you for all the great care & compassion you have shown me. Suffering with a situation and not knowing how to release the pain, can be a life long struggle.The paradox of knowingly holding onto ones problem, can sound absurd on the surface but only starts to make sense, when one’s own story starts revealing itself. Going back to childhood & reliving my story was the start of my awakening. Dear Debbie your expertise in how to guide me inside the maze of my mind in breathwork, was the breakthrough for me. For the first time I felt the shackles that held onto me being released. There are no words to describe that feeling of liberation. I can only say, that one only knows that sense of wellbeing, when it happends. It was years of slow build up I just had found myself accustom to it & it was attached to me like any other organ in my body. My problem was just thriving with me in disharmony. You have already experienced my tears of joy & big hugs. At last all I want to say is thanks again for everything You are the best!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words – with Breathwork, you cannot do this wrong – just breath and feel and what ever is needing healed, will come to the conscious awareness, …… you did just that and found your answers – bless you – its been a pleasure working with you. Love as always Debbie.

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