Dear Debbie: Childhood Molestation

Dear Debbie,

I’m 45 yrs old I have a question can u help people who want 2 remember there past as a child to get over things like child molestation.”

Thank you for reaching out. In my experience as a Hypnotherapist, many clients who have suffered  childhood molestation or abuse hold negative beliefs and emotions about themselves. These beliefs and emotions in turn lead to negative behaviors such as over-eating, self sabotage, depressed and anxious feelings and more.

Using Hypnotherapy we can regress you back to the cause of these feelings , going back to the event (the memory) that causes them. Most often this event took place before you were 10 years old. Then, using the many tools and processes available to me, we can facilitate your healing and transformation, enabling you to move on with your life in a more peaceful way.

If you’re wanting  to go back to a specific traumatic memory, then an intention for this can be given, however I would not encourage this. I suggest you instead focus on the negative behaviors you are living with today, transforming the emotions and beliefs that create them. If we decide a regression is necessary, then we would allow your subconscious mind to bring up the memory most relevant to this situation (which may or may not be the childhood abuse) without outside direction.

This will allow you to develop in such a way that you can reach your goals, enabling you to live your life today how you choose to live. So the answer to your question is yes, you can, however directing a regression to that memory specifically may not be in your best interest.
Thanks for asking and I hope this helps!



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