Panic Attacks

Do you suffer from panic attacks? I did, for over 30 years.  They drove me crazy because I could have  a panic attack even when I was calm and happy.  Little did I know it was the triggers in my environment that set the panic attacks off.  Finally, at the age of 47, I went back to the cause of the fear which was triggering my panic attacks and was able to heal the memory associated with them.  After that day I stopped having panic attacks and haven’t had one since.

With every behavior comes an emotional trigger.  My trigger was FEAR.  Our subconscious mind is our hard drive and contains every thought, word spoken, word said, everything heard and seen by our senses since we were born.   Our subconscious mind holds our perceptions and  memories.

Clients come to me with a fear of bridges, flying, water which brings on panic attacks   –  to me as a Hypnotherapist, this is fear of not being in control which stems back to the subconscious holding an event/trauma/memory  of a time the inner child felt so scared at something that they could not control.

Clients come to me with a fear of needles or blood which can lead them to having a panic attack – to me as a Hypnotherapist, this is fear of pain/hurt which stems back to the subconscious holding an event/trauma/memory of a time when the inner child felt so much hurt and pain in a situation.

Hypnotherapy helped me transform my life, what can it do for you?


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