Welcome to Debbie Dubickas Hypnotherapy

Many clients come to me through referrals and ask me “What do you actually do as I have heard you are very good at it ?”

Feeling blessed and honored that I have been referred to, I smile.

For many of my clients, the transformation experience is overwhelming.   My answer is “I am your hypno-coach working with you to reach your goals.  You are the player and I am your coach or you are the driver and I am your guide”.    Through various techniques such as hypnotic programing, age regression, timeline, gestalt with ego state, truth talk, access bars and breath work, the transformation in clients begin.  Debbie works with her clients on a schedule that works for both of them which include weekends and evening sessions.  Debbie’s office provides a safe place to “just be” – no judgement, criticism or analyzing – just time for you to be yourself in the comfortable and safe surroundings.

Ask yourself, have you suffered enough?  If the answer is yes, then read on.

If you feel your life is stuck . . . If you feel you are trapped . . . If you feel directionless . . . If you feel out of control . . . If what used to be effortless has become painfully laborious. . . If you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, worn-out, worthless or alone . . . If your body has become your enemy . . . if nothing is clear . . . if your finances are in ruins . . . If the life you are living feels like someone else’s life . . . If you feel no sense of purpose . . . If you can’t remember what it feels like to be loved …….   If you say the words “I love you” and yet do not feel it …..   If you are living with a conflicting mind ….   If the attempts to lose weight remain attempts …..    If you are self-sabotaging . . . If your procrastination has taken over your life . . . If your relationship, career, finances, health is taking the strain. . .  Contact Debbie  –  No judgement, No criticism, No analyzing, a place to feel safe, to be open and to be true to yourself.

Enhanced Professional Hypnotherapist Network – Talk Hypno – Wednesday Class

We are very excited to bring this program to The Institute of Hypnotherapy. I have included below the weblinks to our Wednesday #talkhypno class that is open to anyone with 300 hours of training from a State Licensed School and working or beginning a practice as a professional Hypnotherapist.


It gives me great pleasure to share with other professionals my experience in having built a successful hypnotherapy practice.  My Wednesday Nights shall be shared with you from 7pm to 9pm ( UK – GMT Midnight to 2 am) hosting the network program.

Debbie Dubickas, CHt